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(A protectant sponge which protects and preserves your car’s rich look) Double Dry

$ 3.00

Black Jack

(A sponge which makes tyres and black trim look like new) Double Dry)

$ 3.00

Vinyl Plus

(A protectant which can be applied on Vinyl + Leather + wood + rubber, protects against ultraviolet light which can crack, dull, harden, and fade vinyl)

$ 3.00

Rain X Anti Fog

(Eliminates fogging and steaming of interior glass and mirrors)

$ 3.00

Glass Cleaner

(Ready to use towel which removes road film smears and smoke)

$ 3.00

California Scents

(Hang freely inside the car and do not allow contact with upholstery, plastic, painted or varnished surfaces) Flavours: Shasta Strawberry , Newport New Car, Monterey Vanilla, Capistrano Coconut, Laguna Breeze, Coronado Cherry

$ 3.00

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NOTE: All products available at shop and vending machine for purchase.

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